At Mulberry School, students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades are placed in the same classroom, forming a multiage community of learners. As a result, students remain with the same teacher for up to three years, thereby cutting down on the number of transitions they face in the early elementary years, which is associated with increased achievement. The teacher has a deeper understanding of each child’s individual needs, personality, and learning style and students develop a greater sense of community and belonging.

Additionally, our small class sizes mean more opportunities for enrichment and there is greater flexibility in grouping and differentiation. Older students develop a sense of leadership and responsibility, while younger students have peer mentors and learn social skills. The Common Core State Standards are used to help guide curriculum, while still allowing for enrichment and student interests.

Our well-rounded curriculum includes Literary, Math, Science, Social Studies in addition to weekly Music, Art and Spanish classes. Throughout the year we may offer additional classes, including yoga and library are offered based on parental and university intern support.

Class details:
Students are eligible if they have successfully completed Kindergarten.
For more information, download the information sheet.