Students who join Mulberry’s unique Junior Kindergarten program benefit from a two-year transitional program to first grade. Jr. Kindergarten students are exposed to Common Core skills daily without expectation of mastery. Jr. Kindergarten students are mixed in the classroom with our Kindergarten students and each group benefits from opportunities to give and receive peer mentoring and modeling.

Jr. Kindergarten students are customarily older students who are ready to be immersed in a Kindergarten curriculum. They can loop for a second year with our Kindergarten teacher and interact with our 1st and 2nd grades as appropriate.

Class details:

  • Students are eligible if they turn 5 between September 1st and December 1st and are approved following a screening
  • Students who are 5 by Sept 1st but could benefit from an extra year before Kindergarten
  • Other students may be eligible upon recommendation by a Mulberry teacher

For more information, download the information sheet.